Wednesday, 14 January 2009

i'm late, i'm late, for a very important date...

hello madrid...

apologies for being absolutely m.i.a recently but a series of unfortunate events outside of my control such as broken internet in ireland and "un montón de trabajo" i have hardly had time to catch my breath let alone blog. i definitely didn't take the time to check the weather reports for spain at imagine my surprise when i touched down to a madrid COVERED in snow. note to self: giant suitcase, boots with slippery soles and ice=not a good combination.

i won't bore you with a pile of photos and stories from christmas and new years but suffice to say i had a wonderful time and would probably be feeling extremely homesick right now if i a)had time and b)wasn't gong back to ireland for two weeks on the 24th as part of my boyfriend's birthday present.

i hope everyone had a fantastic christmas and i wish lots and lots of luck to anyone unlucky enough (like me) to have exams in the next few weeks!! i have three in five days; one french and two spanish...bleh!!

oh!! i do feel the need however, to post a picture of this beautiful antique ladie's pocketwatch.

my dad's friend is an antique dealer and he has it in his shop. my dad has offered him a price to buy it for me for my 21st but the guy is tracing its origin and waiting to price it. i fear it may end up being too dear to adorn my frame, but whoever buys it will be very lucky.

click <3


Valentina said...

That watch is so beautiful. I would love to own an antique pocketwatch, that's such a cool idea.

Good to see you back!

lauh-ren said...

that is a lovely pocket watch! and can i just say that i am so jealous that you live in Ireland!

rubot said...

ha!! i wouldn't be too jealous!! love it as i may, it really can be ridiculously cold and wet.:]

i can see myself finally settling there when i'm a wee granny though.