Sunday, 18 January 2009


dress: topshop

In full awareness that this is the first outfit post in aaaaages, i apologise that it is oh so very lame.

unfortunately with all these exams to revise for (starting with an oral on european law tomorrow, eek) and the fact that i have now been ill and unable to leave the house for four days; i have been living in tee shirts, leggings and comfy dresses.

i got this one from topshop in the sale last was like a tenner...but technically i got it for free cos the girl at the desk forgot to ring it through. i didn't notice until it was too late but i still feel really bad about that (mostly cos there's more of a backstory to WHY she forgot). but then i used to work there, and ten pounds is nothing to i'll just chalk it up as a stroke of luck?? it's woollen, so nice and warm...but i've worn it in summer too. i just love the tiny little stripes and the collar:

and yes i am tightless in zero degree weather...but only because this illness has provided me with a pretty high temperature...i wouldn't endorse going anywhere in madrid without several layers right now. i think my flatmates think i have gone insane because i constantly have my window open.

well...back to revision i go. and to dream of the fact that in a week's time all these awful exams will be over and i will be organising two weeks of cosy pubs, cinema dates and home cooked meals in ireland. :]


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Valentina said...

Good luck with all your exams! Even though you think it's lame, I love this's so cute. And god, Ireland sounds fantastic. I would so love to travel there one day.