Friday, 23 January 2009

"i lean towards fiction, but you deal with fact, i don't mind the friction cos, opposites attract."

hello awkward looking self:]

topshop dress, primark top and tights, keds shoes.

this is what i wore to my european law exam the other day (which i passed!!). it's still pretty cold here so layers ahoy!! apparently it won't stop raining at home, hopefully it will stop when i am over so i can go for the nighttime beach walks i've been dreaming of all week. french was awful. we don't know for sure yet but i'm positive i've failed. one more to go...european and international human rights tomorrow...and then i am freeeee!!

we have planned celebratory sidra and shopping followed by a night out. which will be fine as long as i can find time in the middle somewhere to pack and don't get too drunk and end up with terrible having to travel early when hungover. worst feeling in the world...but i always seem to be hungover on planes!! oops.

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