Wednesday, 1 April 2009

playing dress up...

i have/had a birthday party with a "pin-ups" theme to go to on friday which i think i've decided on an outfit for. today my little sister and i were trying out various haor and make-up ideas which turned into a general fancy dress session and ended with us dancing around our living room to yeah yeah yeahs. :] the scarf on my head was a present my mum got me from a wee vintage shop in my hometown...i adore it and want to wear it constantly!! i love that my mum shares my scarf obsession. she also gave me a tan belt she used to wear when she was my age that i have had my eye on for years now!!

oh, and my camera is neeearly charged!! yay.



Rachie-Pie said...

LOVE LOVE the head scarf!! you should so wear it like that constantly! I tagged your blog :-)

lauh-ren said...

yayy! turban!