Wednesday, 25 February 2009

mirror images...

i can't actually remember where i got this picture from but i will try to hoke it out. i absolutely love it though.

anyway...i just thought i would give a heads up that i'm not going to be posting over the weekend and maybe not for a little bit after that. my boyfriend and i broke up last night and at the minute i just don't really feel i have much to write about. sorry to sound so melodramatic...but i just feel i need a little haitus.

thanks so much to all you guys who read this is so nice to feel a connection and shared interests with such cool people. <3 i promise i'll be back asap.

oh, aslo!! valentina!!...can you add me to your readers list please?? i can't access your blog at the moment. :]

<3 ru.



lauh-ren said...

that is an awesome picture. sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend. my boyfriend and i have been going through quite a rough patch lately, so i understand!

hope you are doing well!

Valentina said...

Oh I'm so sorry about your boyfriend. God, boys really have been sucking lately all over the place, haven't they? I hope you come back soon, although I've been on a little blog hiatus lately so I understand. I'll definitely add you when I get back on though.

Mary said...

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