Tuesday, 7 April 2009

i'm so clever, oh but clever ain't wise...

zara dress, jonathan aston tights, babyshambles tee shirt (attacked with scissors), primark mens cardigan (stolen from gavin).

i've literally just had one of the best weeks ever!! from days spent reading and lying in the sun at the harbour, burritos and coffee dates with my dad, mountain walks and breakfasts/lunches with my mum, wee nights out dancing and watching a friend's band, nights in with my boos, a birthday cake and chill out time in the park and a pin-up themed fancy dress party...all in all, a ridiculous amount of fun!!

i'll put up a few photos as soon as i get the chance...but for now i'm going to make some hot chocolate and curl up in bed with a book...as this is my first chance to get an early(-ish) night since last wednesday!! also...i figured i'd post a quick outfit. i got the babysambles tee shirt two or three years ago at a gig but haven't worn it in ages...so i decided to cut it into a shape i might wear a bit more often. i had to put the little fabric star over the "u" to clam my mum down when i first got it, hee. :] the world may disagree, but i think pete doherty is amazing!!



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Valentina said...

Oh I love Pete Doherty too! No matter how fucked up and crazy he is, I will always be kind of obsessed with him. That Babyshambles tee is kind of amazing by the way. Good call cutting it up...I really love the shape!

Yay for excellent weeks! I'm having one as well and I have to say it totally doesn't suck.