Thursday, 18 December 2008

bit of a blur*

the last couple of days have been a complete blur of essays and dressing up and wearing heels and dancing and drinking and birthdayness and tea parties and classes and adventures and christmas dinners//cenas de navidad and trains and flights and busses...generally, i don't think words can properly explain the craziness or fun of it all.  i'm not even sure that photographs can-but they're fun to look at.
unicorn-ness!!boyness<3glaswegian.visitor from barcelona.bee eff effsbirthday loot :]GIANT DOOR!!compulsary clouds.the air host made me a sydney opera house serviette!! wow.


finally i am home for christmas!!

i've literally only been in the country for like eight hours but i've already had burritos with the boy and coffee with my dad and dinner with my family.  and tomorrow night will be lots of dancing with friends (plus free guestlist spots for my birthday:]).  aaand-my brotherrr<3 comes home on friday!!  i'm pretty ecstatic right <3xx*speaking of i did not manage to get tickets to the hyde park gig.  and doubt i will ever be able to afford to see them this year.  sad face.


Valentina said...

So cute! All of it! I'm jealous of your being home already...I won't be getting to go home until saturday. How are you liking the hair by the way? Has it grown on you at all?

Leah said...

you and your boyfriend are so cute!!! i love it.