Monday, 8 December 2008

"all i wana do is stay inside and look out the window..."

so far this weekend i have done...two and a half pages of french. oops.

but the christmas lights are onnn:

and i have done some christmas shopping and some epic amounts of eating. and cat and i watched "in her shoes" and "four weddings and a funeral" cos we were feeling especially girly last night.

and i may or may not have went for the hair dye thing. then decide i didnt like it and dye it brown again. only for it to go JET BLACK!!...not good.

my camera is fooked otherwise i would show you the hilarious pictures i have from the "three hair colours in three days" excitement.

seabear have been getting me through it though. banjoes always make me feel uber-christmassy...something to do with a cousin's christmas present when we were wee and sufjan and his many christmas albums i think.

hope everyone had an awesome...less targic hair story filled...weekend. :]

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