Friday, 5 December 2008

far gone with your long distance calls...

last night consisted of doing ridiculous dances and posing for ridiculous photos before having a two-person-tea-party at a ridiculous time in the morning. absolute bliss.

vest-primark, cardigan-yumi, tights-primark.

though having only crawled into my bed at around six am, i didn't roll out of it until abot three in the afternoon. i then busied myself doing just about everything i possibly could around the flat(including cleaning BOTH bathrooms) in order to avoid french and law presentation writing.

i am the procrastinator extraordinaiiire. oops.

oh's off to work i go now for a fun-filled night of french then early to bed so i am well rested for a christmas shopping adventure to madrid tomorrow.

and maybe a hair dye session?? who knows.

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Valentina said...

I love your outfit. And tea parties:) I must admit, I have entirely too few of them