Thursday, 4 December 2008

i am a five year old boy at heart.

please forgive the terrible quality of this photo and the terrible rushed post but today has been filled with running a million errands. i feel like my feet are only touching the ground now and it is half past midnight.

unfortunately, after making up and breaking down and recompiling several to-do lists, i am only now realising just how much work and other stuff i have to do within the next two weeks. eek. hence the hi-tops and oversized shirt combo today:] for me, menswear=instant comfort whilst still looking a little different.

i love this teeshirt...i love iggy and the stooges...i wish i had iggy pop's energy just over the next few weeks. i bet he would get everything on my lists done and still feel wound up enough to party every night!!

teeshirt-iggy and the stooges gig, vest-primark, jeans-topshop, shoes-primark.

i...on the other hand, just feel like crawling into bed. espcially tonight because today i picked up the most awesome kid's comforter blanket thing on sale for 6€!! i must have been channelling my inner boy all day, between this and the outfit...but nonetheless i am a massive comicbook geek so couldn't pass up the amazing spiderman(or "speederman" as the spanish pronounce it...which always makes me laugh...more cos it's cute than that i'm trying to insult anyone). aaand, it is pretty much the softest material ever!!

yes, yes there is a heffalump in my bed:] and can you tell i miss my friends from home?? ha.

anyway...i'm off to make some hot chocolate and watch some gilmore girls before sleep(ah...i'm a girl after all!!).

thanks again for the really sweet's totally unexpected and a real boost!!



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