Tuesday, 2 December 2008

a pinch and a punch.

i am quickly falling in love with this dress i bought last week in bershka. it is one of the comfiest dresses i have ever worn and so unbelievably soft. not to mention how easy it is to dress up or make completely casual(i was only going to class today so nothing too exciting i'm afraid).

tee-shirt-topman, dress-bershka, cardigan-primark mens, woolly tights-primark, shoes-keds...hilarious uni-themed photo-sleep deprived brain.

also, it has pockets!! anyone who knows me will be aware of my insane appreciation for dresses or skirts with pockets...i even have a tendency to add my own sometimes. :] the back has a really cool looking exposed zipper but i couldn't get a decent picture of it.

i am also considering the different ways i could wear it...such as like a skirt below. any thoughts?? it also comes in a really dark charcoal colour if anyone is interested. can't complain for 16€.

anyway...dress rave over. today i just floated about going to classes(where my french teacher told me to see her after class on thursday as she doesn't think i have even basic enough french to pass the exam...there is a long back story to this involving me being in a BEGINNERS french class with fluent speakers and a teacher who ONLY teaches in french...i was a tiny bit irritated), reading in starbucks and visiting my friend cat in her new flat.

when i got home there was a huge package for me...my boyfriend's mum had sent me an advent calendar!!:] with a little card saying it could help count down the days until i am hone for christmas. how sweet is that??

happy first of december everyone!!


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