Thursday, 18 December 2008


okaaaaay...before i provide a little update post i have excitement to share.  the lovely lauren over at lauh-ren's odd blog has been nice enough to tag me for this little award (i'm very excited and don't at all feel deserving...can you tell it's my first??hee):i think i'm meant to pass it on to eight people but, truth be told, being kinda new to this thing means that i don't have a full eight bloggers that would actually carry on the tag??  nonetheless, i hope this list will suffice:

-savage sunshine
-rantings of a fashion addict
-a future in noise

for the record...if i could, i would tag lauren back because i have totally become addicted to her blog and the amazing illustrations she if anybody hasn't stumbled across her yet-go checcck itt now!!:]click <3xx

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