Tuesday, 2 December 2008

you know i dreamed about you...

look what arrived in the mail today:]...

i have a bit of an obsession with childish transfer tattoos(despite being far too indecisive of what i could ever get as a real tattoo...or maybe due to it??) and have wanted this one ever since i first saw it on etsy. it is by an amazing illustrator//artist called julia pott who is also the genius behind the beautiful video for the new casiotone for the painfully alone single. anyway, last week i finally decided that my birthday was the perfect excuse to buy it. so in a couple of weeks it will adorn my arm as i dance all night in madrid(and hopefully last until my second party at home??). for now, it is stuck up on my wall(i think i will be quite sad when it is gone). i mean really...how awesome is it??

oh...and julia also wins a prize for this brilliant stamp:

today i slept in and missed my first class...oops!! looks like the weekend is finally catching up on me. i think i might have to ignore my ridiculously long to-do list for just one day and get an early night.

jumper-primark, vest-topshop, skirt-h&m, tights-primark, shoes-converse.

now i'm off to make a pb+j for dinner...beyond lazy!!



Valentina said...

Sorry to be so random, but I happened upon your blog and I must say it's pretty adorable so far! That tattoo is beyond amazing.

Lauh-ren said...

i just found your blog as well, and i love it! I love your style and I must agree that the tatoo is incredible. feel free to stop by my blog anytime!