Monday, 8 December 2008

"hanging on the telephone..."

okay so i shall keep you in suspense no longer. THIS is what the new hair looks like:

((please excuse my aversion for looking directly at cameras...this is the pic i took to show my boyfriend otherwise i'd never post such a close up of my face...i'm not a fan:]))

i'm getting a little more used to it now so it's not so bad as the initial shock at unwanted black hair was. i am, however, a little worried that i will have to pin my fringe back constantly as when it is down the whole look is just too much. the black is a bit all encompassing and when it is covering half my face with my hair already being so long, i look a little too emo for my own good(no offence to any emos out there...i just don't think it's a look a can work).

anywayyy...i am STILL no further in my essaying but have promised myself it will be done by thursday so that all weekend birthday fun can occur unhindered. today i was meant to finish off my christmas shopping but we decided to leave it until wednesday as everyone was just too tired. instead i bought a couple of silly little things on etsy for the boyfriend(which i can't post here in case he sees them, sadly)...all for under $20...i am a very happy panda indeed.

i officially have only five days of actual classes left before i go home...i'm getting ridiculously impatient. especially cos i want it to be saturday already do i can see my boyfriend and allie-boo NOW!!

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