Saturday, 13 December 2008


i am now finished my main essay, in english at least. 3200 words that now just need to be translated into spanish.

hairband-H&M, teeshirt-H&M, skirt/boobtube-primark, tights-topshop.

i've tidied my room too. so at least i can tick two(well, one and a half) items off my to-do list. though i doubt i'll miraculously pull off the tranlsation in the next few hours...meaning january presentation slot ans having to complete it on my first few days back in ireland. oh well.

it will be worth it for the birthday fun over the next few days!! the boy is bringing over my dress, ive got my exciting fake tattoo and some heels with an excuse to wear them for a change:] my best friend arrives tomorrow along with some very cherished others aaand the club we are going to has put me on the guestlist plus fifteen!! also, my friend cat bought me a sequin mask and hairband (as well as a candy necklace and some irish tea to get me through me essay, how sweet!!) the words of a boo..."tote 'cited!!"

in other news, i am currently completely obsessed with this colour of lipstick!!'s 4.10am and i have to be up at 8am to go pick the boy up from the airport...think i'll abandon the essay for bed.

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lauh-ren said...

i love that outfit and hey i've given you an award! check out my blog for the deetz.