Saturday, 14 February 2009


today it was twenty eight degrees here...which *almost* made having to get up and go to four hours of class bearable!!

topman tee, newlook skirt, primark tights, firetrap shoes and jacket.

seriously though...these past few days the weather has been so ridiculously good that, being an irish girl who is used to pelting rain, three degrees in daytime and the likelihood of snow in february, i have taken to joyfully fantasising about all the picnics and park trips that are just around the corner. :]

i got this skirt almost a year ago after a chance encounter in new look and before i got a nasty electric shock from their escalator (another story entirely, but i always take the stairs now). it was only fifteen pounds and i am as in love with it now as i was then.

in other news...remember the first time nike collaborated with liberty?? was like, last year sometime. well, yeah- i have wanted a pair of those shoes since i way back then. so forgive me if my heart skipped a beat when i saw the latest offerings gracing the pages of teen vogue!! in my current impoverished state, i had almost forgotten about them again, until i stumbled upon them today. these shoes are perfect. would it be wrong to sell a non-vital organ for the blue pair?? or attempt to sway my already over generous boyfriend into purchasing them for me?? i'd repay him in similarly awesome presents as soon as possible, obvzz!!

yeh so in case i'm being too ambiguous: AM WANT THESE SHOES!!<3

alsooo...yay for me officially getting through a friday the thirteenth without any massive disasters. i mean, i'm not normally the most superstitious, but i was beginning to worry myself after the last few!!

happy weekending bloggers!!

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lauh-ren said...

those shoes are awesome.

and i want to hear this escalator story. it sounds entertaining!