Friday, 20 February 2009

i always fall in love too soon, caught beneath the glow of a honeymoon.

last night's outfit...
w scarf, primark boobtube, topshop vest, river island leggings, primark socks, firetrap shoes.

we decided not to go ot in madrid tonight after all...everyone was just too tired. i must admit i'm kind of thankful for the break and cat's suggestion of a pizza and dvd night instead!! i feel like i have a thousand things to think about this week. one of which is what to do next year. i am meant to go back to ireland to finish the last year of my law degree...but i am considering taking a year out and either working here in spain or travelling or something. this probably sounds like such a waster thought, but there is reasoning in favour of it. as well as plenty against. :/ what to wear to the costume party tomorrow!! HELP!! :]

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lauh-ren said...

i love those leggings. i really do.

and you should definitely do it. as long as you put the feet in well with pliers, they won't hurt. the only thing that bothers my is when my shoelaces hit the studs and makes noise.