Wednesday, 18 February 2009

keep my secret. don't tell anyone!!

primark tee, bershka dress, tesco tights, firetrap shoes.

sorry i have been kind of m.i.a* this week and will probably continue to be so but it's just been quite hectic trying to get all my uni work done at the same time as entertaining the scots and the proper craziness hasn't even kicked in yet!! tonight we are going out because cat wants to actually "be out somewhere" when she turns twenty. tomorrow is her actual birthday so we are going for an asian buffet (yum!!) then drinks at hers then out again. friday we are heading into madrid for a "proper birthday celebration" as her boyfriend is visiting. and then, not forgetting carnival of course, we have d disfraz party to attend on saturday night!! i know i said i would go out more this semester but this is getting crazy!!:] keeps me distracted though o i can't complain. with any luck i will get a few outfit/general musings posts up in between all the fun!!

also...please please please send all fancy dress ideas for saturday night this way...for the first time in my life i am at a complete loss as per what to dress up as!! and i'm quite skint, which doesn't help.

hope everyone is good!!

<3 click.


*speaking of whom...she had a baby boy!! the child is going to inherit the earth!!

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