Sunday, 22 February 2009

not another outfit post...

cos this one is fancy dress, see??

topman tee, bershka waistcoat, h+m skirt, primark tights, bronx booties, homemade dagger and belt.

completed with gold chains, too much eyeliner and many a transfer tattoo (parrot on my neck, love/hate knuckles etc). and yes, yes that is my best pirate face up in that first photo. it was like six am to be fair.

last night ended up being even more fun than i expected. i was really tired and all set to go home at one or so...but ended up staying for the whole party and both clubs after it. everyone had such brilliant outfits too!! though i was quite proud of mine as it cost me nothing.

and all the kids in the square at the start of the night were amazing looking running around dressed up as teenage mutant ninja turtles etc. hah.

hope everyone else had a good weekend too!!

<3 click.


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Valentina said...

Hah love the costume! I love dressing up for random costume parties...I need to start thinking of a good one for our school's 80's party next month.