Tuesday, 24 February 2009

psychotic yellow and eyeball prints!!

recently, i have been nothing short of obsessing over this picture from the mishka spring/summer look book...

i mean, sure, i've always been a bit of a hosiery whore...but the leggings are AMAZING!! seriously, just look at how awesome they are!! i would wear them with everything!! i want a pair so badly. then when i saw them teamed with the yellow jacket i freaked out. i love yellow...or "psychotic yellow" as my friends call it after reading in a psychology journal that if you like it you have psychotic tendencies...oops!! and the cut etc is just so perfect.

i'm hoping that even given my skint existence i will manage to get my hands on the leggings. the jacket will remain a dream until i have some serious funds...sadness!!

owning both would literally make my life.

<3 click.



Leah said...

i love both of these pieces!! im a sucker for shock value!

Rachie-Pie said...

im all for nutty hoisery/leggings! but these creep the hell out of me! you have to be pretty brave to wear these as well as prepared to get Stared at hehe!