Wednesday, 18 February 2009

i'm sorry but...

just when this dress couldn't get any more overexposed...


it's not that i have anything against the dress, per se, but i was kind of bored of it after the first couple of times i saw it...yet it just keeps cropping up everywhere and endless reams of people have put it on their most-coveted lists. and now, good old gwynnie has put the final nail in the coffin by taking away whatever ounce of shock-value/fashion-forwardness the dress had left in it!!

again, not that i don't like gwyneth paltrow either...i just find her ability to make some of the most amazingly fashion-forward and sexy and daring clothes look so DULL to be astounding.

anyway, rant over...i really must start getting ready to go out!!




Valentina said...

I have to agree. I liked this dress the first time I saw Alice Dellal wearing it, but god has it gotten a little redundant now. But honestly I'm kind of tired of Alexander Wang's whole "model off duty" schtick. I went to his sample sale last summer and the clothes are kind of underwhelming in person.

Rachie-Pie said...

i really like this wang piece!! it was further over payed recently when kanye new beau, amber rose, was wearing to some fashion show or another! she was...well google it!!