Wednesday, 11 February 2009


last night in madrid...with my new bling.
inverted colours:]
pulp fiction plus peter pan poses apparently.
japanese birthday dinner...yum!!<3
the best vegetarian miso soup i have ever tasted plus other assorted delights!!
miffy birthday cake...yes i did make this from scratch and by hand...yes it was time consuming. and messy!!

yeh i don't have many photos as i kept forgetting my camera but it was so good to be home again for a while. i definitely feel more ready for this term now and a lot less homesick than i did after christmas when i was sick and feeling sorry for myself.

most annoying of all is probably the fact i didn't take any outfit posts...especially after my last post as i could have illustrated my point better. oh well!!

off to bed now as i have a whole day of classes tomorrow and have been out tonight as it was alexis' last night before he returns home to paris. not sure how i feel about that. again, oh well!!

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