Tuesday, 10 February 2009

the calendar hung itself...

dad's teeshirt, sister's leggings, bershka waistcoat thing.

well, so much for my promises to update when i was in ireland...my dad's laptop was acting screwy so between that and me never really being in the house for any prolonged periods of time, i kinda failed. the above is a prime example of what happens when i go home with a whole lot of laundry to be done...i end up meeting my mother for lunch wearing various garments pilfered from the closets of the other people in the house whilst waiting for my clothes to dry. :]

i realised over the past couple of weeks that i think i dress better, or at least more like "me", and have more confidence when i am at home in ireland. i don't know whether it is because i have friends there who have always known my style and are into similar things, being able to steal items from my dad/boyfriend/sister, the fact that there seems to be more inspiration or just that i have more clothes there. or maybe it is a mix of all of the above. plus the fact that i get the strangest looks when i go to class here in spain wearing anything remotely different than boots jeans and a poloneck etc...which is pretty much all the time. but i still don't wear half the things i love to wear at home because they either seem a)impractical or b)like noone would "get" it.

which is weird...because i've never really dressed according to what anyone else tought before...and now i'm wondering if that is what i am subconciously starting to do?? scary. and a little annoying.

anyway...i have a few more photos from my visit that i would like to post but they will probably have to wait as being back to classes has made me tired and i need cammomile tea (yum<3), skype time with the boyfriend and sleeeepz!!

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lauh-ren said...

i am just the opposite. i dress better when i am at school because i don't know that many people here and i don't care what the strangers think of me. ha.

and yes! i would love to know where those leggings are from! thanks for the help.